• Mar 18, 2021
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Paderne: day out with our dog

Adri Hendriks
Adri Hendriks

This morning we (Jacqueline and I) were out of bed before seven o'clock. The experiment with Jaap (our 17-week-old Labrador puppy) not in the crate, but in his basket in the hallway, can be called successful. Didn't urinate and slept through all at once.

After letting Jaap out, Jacque and I worked a few hours and around one o'clock we left for Paderne. Jacque has found a nice restaurant (Zip Zip) and a gallery (Corte Real Galery) around Paderne.

Paderne: tips for good restaurants

After a bit of the A22 at Boliqueime we took the exit and after fifteen minutes through the beautiful interior we drove into Paderne. When we arrive at Zip Zip, it appears that no dogs are allowed in the atmospheric dining room. By coincidence we come across a nice café-restaurant a little further on, where Jacque pops in. Jaap and I are anxiously waiting to see if we can enter here.

No dogs are allowed here either, but the resourceful owner just sets us aside next to the bar and let's hear that codfish with garlic and olive oil is the chef's choice today. Indeed it is delicious and the white wine from the Douro makes it complete. No alcohol for six days and today the first glass of 2021. We stick to one glass and enjoy it to the full. The restaurant turns out to be called Veneza and has been run by the same family for fifty years. After grandfather and father, the dear son is now in charge. The restaurant is also a garrafeira (wine shop) and probably has the largest range of wines in the Algarve.

After the delicious lunch looking for Corte Real Galery! After 20 minutes of searching, Jacque calls the owner, who casually announces that he will be closed in January. He should have added it on his website. We forgive him and agree to return in February.

We return to Ferragudo and get some wood for the fireplace at the Sanipina before dark. Meanwhile the fire crackles and the candles are lit. A wonderful day!

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