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Albufeira gained quite some attention over the past few yearsbecause of the youth partying in de many disco’s and bars. There aren’t many people who are aware of the fact that Albufeira is actually a very nice city, with a beautiful surrounding! The city is located about 40 km west of Faro, and has experienced a grow spurt in recent years.  

Streets of Albufeira

History of Albufeira

Originally, Albufeira is a fishing village, which already exists in Prehistoric times! Many of the bridges, roads and aqueducts, of which you can still see the remains today, are built during the Roman Era. You can visit the remains of a Roman Villa, Cerro da Villa, where you can see the everyday life of the Romans. In the 8th century the Moors gained power, and the city was named Al Buhera, Castle of the Sea. They built, amongst others, the first irrigation system, dikes, and grew new types of plants. The agriculture grew fast in those days. Unfortunately, not many things are left of this time, besides a sign in memory of the castle.  

You can take a look at the remains of the history of Albufeira at the Museu Municipal de Arqueologica. You will find pieces from Prehistoric Times, Roman Times, Islamic Times and Modern Age. 

Igreja de Sant’Ana – Albufeira

Sights in Albufeira

One of the prettiest sights of Albufeira are the many beaches, more about this later. Next to the beaches, you should definitely visit the city centre of Albufeira. The old centre is mostly car-free, and has a nice ambiance. Over here you will find the church of Albufeira, built at the end of the 18th century. It is so lovely to take a stroll over the cobblestone streets, past characteristic buildings, whilst you enjoy the street artists and little shops.  

Albufeira excursions

There are many excursions organised from Albufeira. You can either join a group, or go to the sights yourself. 

Benagil caves 

Benagil caves

The boats to the Benagil Caves leave from the harbour. On the way you can spot dolphins, and look at the beautiful rock formations of the Algarve coastline. It is a large, limestone cave, and inside you will find a beach. The seawater comes into the cave in different spots and in the ceiling there’s a hole, through which the sun enters the cave. Would you rather have a more active excursion? Visit the cave by kayak.  

Jeep safari

The Jeep safari’s leave from the city to the surrounding countryside. You will visit old villages, rivers, en learn more about the traditions of the locals.  

Wine excursion

The fact that the Algarve region produces delicious wine won’t be a surprise to you. You can try some of the wines during a wine excursion. If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can join a tour, which will take you to the famous vineyards where the guide will tell you all about the process of wine making.  

Praia do Túnel – Albufeira

The beaches of Albufeira

As said before: the beaches of Albufeira are some of the most beautiful beaches in the region, and a real tourist attraction. Many of the roads in Albufeira lead to the beach. The beach Praia do Túnel, or Praia do Peneco, is a long sandy beach. The city is overlooking the beach as an amphitheatre. Along the beach are the boulevards, from which you have a view over the coloured fishing boats. Enjoy the many delicacy’s and fish restaurants which serve super fresh dishes.  

During a holiday to Albufeira you can enjoy the many sights, surrounding nature, many beaches and delicious food! 

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Temperature 11°
  • clear sky
  • 10 °C min
  • 11 °C max
  • 78% humidity
  • 350° wind direction
  • 4m/s wind speed
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