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Vila Real de Santo António is both a region and a city in the Algarve. The Municipality has a total area of 62km2 and is located on the east side of the Algarve against the Spanish border. The region is interrupted by Castro Marim and thus actually consists of two parts.

The rich history of Vila Real de Santo António

The origins of Vila Real de Santo António can be traced back to a specific date - December 30, 1773 - the day the royal mandate for the founding of the city was signed. The presence of sardines and tuna in the waters off the Algarve coast made the city an important and well-visited city. The harbor was also where the boats docked before they sailed up the Guadiana and was used to transfer the ore dug in the São Domingos mines. As an indication of the dynamism and richness of the city, it is evident from the fact that this city was the first city in the Algarve to have gas lighting in 1886.

However, the history of the municipality does not begin with the foundation of Vila Real de Santo António. This part of the coast has been inhabited since ancient times, as can be seen from the dolmen and tholos (a beehive-shaped tomb) in Nora, near Cacela. Cacela became an important city under the Romans and later the Moors. After the castle was conquered by Paio Peres Correia, master of the Order of Santiago (St. James), in 1240, Cacela was the starting point for the reconquest of the entire Algarve.

Vila Real Santo Antonio

Places of interest Vila Real de Santo António

Although this region is less known and therefore wonderfully quiet, there is plenty to do. In addition to a visit to the main cities of Cacela Velha, Vila Real de Santo António and Monte Gordo, it is worthwhile to discover the national park Vale Guadiana.

Guadiana River
Take a boat trip on the Guadiana River from Vila Real de Santo António. A great way to discover all the natural beauty. Among the sights to see are villages of whitewashed houses overlooking the Guadiana and the millennial castle of Alcoutim that proudly keeps watch across the river. For the sports enthusiasts there are plenty of hiking opportunities in this region.

The Natural Reserve of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António Marsh Natural Reserve and the Natural Park of Ria Formosa are wonderful places for bird watchers and botanists. Both have visitor centers that provide advice and information. The cool shade of the pine trees in the National Forest, which lies between Vila Real de Santo António and Monte Gordo, is a wonderful place for walks and to get acquainted with the native flora and fauna.

Cacela Velha

Fort of Cacela Velha
Wandering through the streets of the cozy Cacela Velha and visiting the Fort of Cacela Velha. This city was important in the time of the Romans. It connected the salt "fishermen" with fishing. Today it is a picturesque village with white houses on the coast. Enjoy the sunset on one of the many terraces.

Enjoy the Beach

Praia Cacela Velha is one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of the Algarve and has even been listed several times in the top of beaches worldwide. The beach is known for its dreamlike scenery and fantastic sunsets. At high tide it is a narrow coastal strip and you can let yourself be sailed to the beach on the other side of the laguna. At low tide you can walk here and you will find the most beautiful shells.

Praia verde is another special beach in this region. Praia Verde beach is located on a flat and large expanse of sand, which extends beyond the eye, whether you look to the east or the west. The pine forest here runs directly into the beach, Praia Verde is the figurehead of tranquility.

During a holiday to Vila Real de Santo António you can enjoy the many sights, surrounding nature, many beaches and delicious food. Book a holiday home in or near Vila Real de Santo António.

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Practical information Vila Real de Santo António

Current weather in Vila Real de Santo António

Temperature 13°
  • few clouds
  • 13 °C min
  • 14 °C max
  • 82% humidity
  • 334° wind direction
  • 1m/s wind speed
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