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Tavira, a charming town in the Algarve. It is located in the area of ​​the Ria Formosa Natural Park, about 30 km from Faro Airport. We call Tavira a city, but it is actually more of a large village, also called “The Venice of the Algarve”. In the Middle Ages, Tavira was an important port city, but nowadays the port is not that impressive anymore.

Sights in Tavira

Tavira is famous for its churches, there are 38 spiers! One of the churches that is really worth a visit is the Igreja da Misericórdia. The church is located in the center of the town, on the slope towards the medieval castle. It was built in Renaissance style, between 1541 and 1551, by a resident of Tavira: André Pilarte. On the outside it is quite a robust church, but once inside you will be surprised by the white walls, the carvings of the 3 altars and beautifully shaped arches. In 1760, 18 panels of blue and white figurative tiles were added to the church.

The Ponte Romana connects the east and west bank of the city, and is the most photographed place in Tavira. Already in the 3rd century there was a Roman bridge here, connecting the Roman road between Faro and Castro Marim. Along the river you will find some cafes and restaurants.

The east bank of Tavira

The east bank includes the area around Largo de São Brás, which consists of the old working-class district of Tavira. Here you will find several nice restaurants and cafes. Take a seat here on one of the terraces at the waterside. In the river the fishermen are in the water up to their groin, while they fish with cockles and periwinkles.

The west bank of Tavira

On the west bank of the river you will find the historic center of Tavira. Look at Tavira through a Camera Obscura in the old water tower, or stroll through the many streets along the souvenir shops. All small streets lead to the main street, here you will find shops, banks, the post office and a number of restaurants. In summer, there are street performances and regional markets on the square in front of the town hall. From the square you can walk through a park to the old market hall, a cozy place to have a drink. From the bridge you will find the pastellerias: pastry shops throughout the pedestrian zone. Of course you should not miss a taste of Pastel de Nata during your holiday, but also taste the Guardenapa and Caracol here.


Forte do Rato and the salt pans

The Forte do Rato, or Mouse Castle, was built in the 2nd half of the 16th century and its purpose was to defend the port of Tavira. Once the fort was finished, it was no longer at the mouth of the harbor, so it became obsolete. The castle is located on a kind of peninsula, a popular place for fishermen and bird watchers. Forte do Rato beach is very quiet and mainly used by the locals.

The road to the Forte do Rato is special, you drive about 2 km through the salt pans of Tavira. Salt has been mined around the city since Roman times, and the scraping of the salt crust is still done by human hands. A nice souvenir is a bag of the “white gold”, which you can buy at one of the stalls along the road.

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