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Vila do Bispo is a municipality in the Algarve. The municipality has a total area of 178 km2 and approximately 5000 inhabitants. The main villages in Vila do Bispo are Budens and Sagres. This region at the very west of the Algarve. Sagres is the most southwestern point of the European mainland.

The rich history of Vila do Bispo

The history of Vila do Bispo has a lot to do with its location as the most southerly west point of the European mainland. This is reflected, for example, in the Cape of Saint Vincent (Cabo de São Vicente). This place marks the southwestern point of mainland Europe. The Cape of Saint Vincent is named after Vincent of Zaragoza. The cape is located approximately six kilometers west of the village of Sagres.

The cape was already sacred ground in the Neolithic, as evidenced by standing menhirs nearby. The Roman Promontorium Sacrum (Sacred Peninsula) still resounds in the name of the area. The Ancient Greeks called it Ophiussa (Land of Serpents), inhabited by the Oestriminis. More recently, a number of naval battles took place at the cape in 1641, 1693, 1780, 1797 and 1833.

São Vicente

Sights of Vila do Bispo

This region is particularly popular among surfers. This is due to the wonderful climate and the good golfing that you will find on the coast at Sagres. In the past, it was important to protect this place given its strategic location.

Fortresses and fortifications
For example, there is a tour to do in the region where you visit the various fortresses and fortifications. Given the strategic location of this region as an entrance to the European mainland, several fortresses and defenses have been preserved that have protected the mainland from attacks and piracy in the past. Example are the fortresses of Sagres and Cabo de São Vicente, keys to defense from the coast, many others were built, offering excellent panoramas to those traveling along the coast

The lighthouse at Cabo de São Vicente
The lighthouse at Cabo de São Vicente (Cape Saint Vincent) The 24-meter-high lighthouse from 1846 is the only building in the surrounding area. With a visibility range of 90 km, this is one of the most important beacons along the Atlantic coast. The lighthouse is built on the ruins of an old monastery. Visit the lighthouse and especially enjoy the view. Recommended to do this with sunset.

Boat tour
For enthusiasts, excursions can be booked to spot dolphins. Book a tour and take the boat out to the ocean to watch the dolphins swim and jump out of the water. At the beginning of the evening there are countless beautiful places around Sagres for the most beautiful sunsets. Don't forget to bring something warm, it can be cold with the wind from the sea.

There are also a lot of small beaches where often beautiful fishing villages or the remains of these can be found. Most of the beaches have now been taken over by surfers. Surfers from all over Europe travel here because the waves break very regularly from the rocky coasts and the sandy beaches are wide and safe.

Vila do Bispo

Enjoy the beach

This region is full of beaches, we could write a separate blog about that. The main beaches, especially for surfers, are listed below. If you go for peace and quiet, look for one of the small sandy beaches between the cliffs that the region has to offer.

Praia de Mareta; is perhaps the most famous beach which is within walking distance (600 meters) from the center of Sagres. The road to this is often packed with surfers' vans and cars and the water is undoubtedly full of surfers.

Praia do Martinhal; is a little further from the village than Sagres. That makes it a bit quieter here. Still a hotspot among surfers so if you really want to relax, one of the smaller beaches in the region is better recommended.

Praia do Beliche; In the bay of Beliche is the beach Praia do Beliche, one of the hotspots among surfers. There are several beaches with high but even waves, ideal for surfing. Sagres has several surf schools. Both beginners and advanced players can learn the tricks of the trade here from professionals who can be found on the golf every day. So even if you can't surf yet, you will learn it here.

During a holiday to Vila do Bispo you can enjoy the many sights, surrounding nature, many beaches and delicious food. Book a holiday home in or near Vila do Bispo.

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Temperature 13°
  • clear sky
  • 13 °C min
  • 13 °C max
  • 80% humidity
  • 355° wind direction
  • 7m/s wind speed
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