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Coastal town located in the west of the Algarve. Suitable for sun, sea and beach destination. Lagos also has a rich history with a hippie-like atmosphere, which makes this town very authentic. This former capital of the Algarve has an interesting history and a mix of different architectural styles. From the 8th century, the Moors also played an important role in this. For a long time they were the rulers of Lagos, also called Zawaia. This means ‘the lake’ in Arabic.

History of Lagos

Lagos fell into Portuguese hands in the 13th century when King Alfonso II conquered the city. Everywhere are old buildings and monuments from that prosperous trading era. The statue of Henry the Navigator, a memento of the famous explorer, is located close to the harbor on the square Praca Infante D. Henrique. Hendrik was at the head of several adventurous expeditions from Lagos to Africa.

The first covered slave market in Europe used to be built on the same square. In the 15th century, the first slaves taken from Africa were sold on the Mercado de Escavros. Nowadays it is a lot cozier and it looks nice because of the fountains in the middle. The former slave market is now a cultural center with a stage for various exhibitions.

Praia do Camilo Lagos

Beaches of Lagos

Sniffed up enough culture? Then it's time for some relaxation on the beach.
The beaches of Lagos are beautiful, one more beautiful than the other. One of these beautiful beaches is Praia do Camilo. Via a long staircase you walk down to a small beach. The water here is crystal clear and completely still, because it is surrounded by large rocks and Lagos is located in a bay. Perfect for relaxing in the sun for an afternoon! In summer it is very popular, so go early for a nice spot. Praia Dona Ana beach is located one kilometer from Praia do Camilo and is much larger. This is also a beautiful beach, but a little less cozy.

Lagos city


Discovering the coast of Lagos in other ways than lying on your towel? Go out adventurous with a kayak at Ponta da Piedade. Paddle along the huge cliffs, hidden beaches and every now and then into a beautiful cave. The sea is very clear and some places are bright blue when the sun shines on them. After seeing Ponta da Piedade from a kayak, it is also a must to see it all from above. From the Miradouro da Ponta da Piedade there is a spectacular view over the rocks and the sea. Also don't forget to walk down the stairs.

Lagos harbor

The old center of Lagos is also very attractive and there are many shops and cafes. At the end of the afternoon, street musicians play here and there on the squares who create a wonderful atmosphere. A cozy place to enjoy a glass of wine on a terrace with some tapas. The boulevard along the harbor is also worth a visit and to experience the Portuguese feeling even more, walk through the streets of Lagos with its colorful, tiled houses.

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Temperature 12°
  • clear sky
  • 11 °C min
  • 12 °C max
  • 84% humidity
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