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Olhão: the largest and most important fishing port of the Algarve. A bigger, rawer village than Santa Luzia and Fuseta. The old town has many Moorish influences. That is why it is called a piece of Africa in Europe. The inhabitants themselves call it the capital of the Ria Formosa.

History of Olhão

About 15 kilometres from Faro airport towards the Spanish border is the village of Olhão. It is the first fishing village after Faro town. Only 15 minutes by car or the coastal train from Faro center. On the harbour side is the old town of Olhão which is characterised mainly by the Moorish architectural style with narrow alleyways, cube-shaped and whitewashed cottages, stacked terraces and traditional chimneys. Already walking through the winding streets you will come across many nice shops and squares with terraces.

The history and tradition of fishing can be seen in the beautiful murals at Largo da Fábrica Velha. This street art in Olhão is based on old photos and many locals recognize themselves or their relatives in it.

Fishing is very important for Olhão, hence the largest port in the Algarve. Everywhere you see and notice. To the special red market halls with the traditional market on the quayside. The core and pride of the village. A true experience to go to. Every morning, except on Sundays, you can come here for fresh fruit and vegetables from the Algarve and of course fresh fish. On Saturdays there is a gypsy market with local products. Taste the atmosphere.



Exploring the town? Then start at the tower of Our Lady of the Rosary: the baroque church in the center at the beginning of the avenida. From here you can see hundreds of roof terraces on the roofs of the white-painted cubes. Typical North African and unique to this city. Also take a walk through a labyrinth of streets and white houses in the picturesque fishing village district. Did you know that Olhão has the largest number of supermarkets and Chinese shops of all cities in the Algarve?

Nearby you will also find many restaurants to sample the local fish dishes. Deliciously fresh! For example Cha Cha Cha, Doca's pizza or Sabores da Ria. Cuttlefish, crabs, shrimp, shells and other fish from the Ria Formosa. Recommended is also the annual 'Festival do Marisco' in August.

Beaches of Olhão

For beach lovers Olhão is not really 'the place to be' as there is no beach.
But on the other hand it has a long promenade of about 1.3 kilometers long with two berths for ferries to the islands of Armona, Culatra and Farol. On these islands you have lovely, long sandy beaches with nice beach tents and rental of sunbeds. The boat trip takes about 15 minutes, depending on the chosen island. The first berth is just beyond the market halls near the harbour and another spot is opposite to the Real Marine Hotel & Spa. Tickets can be purchased at the port.

Olhão exudes authentic Portugal! With its history and culture, beautiful islands and beaches, nature reserve and beautiful hinterland. Atmospheric, small and cosy Portuguese village. Worth a visit.

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Current weather in Olhão

Temperature 21°
  • scattered clouds
  • 21 °C min
  • 22 °C max
  • 65% humidity
  • 37° wind direction
  • 2m/s wind speed
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