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Castro Marim is a municipality in the Algarve. The municipality has a total area of 300 km² and has about 6500 inhabitants. The region is located in the very east of the Algarve near the Spanish border. Both countries are divided by the Guadiana River.

The rich history of Castro Marim

In Roman times, Castro Marim was known as Aesuris. Every year at the end of August there is a medieval festival (Dias Mediavais) that brings together many people from all over the world to perform, such as medieval musicians, archers, swordsmen, dancers, groups, etc. There are also vendors: blacksmiths, textile makers ( weaving mills), spice vendors, etc. Here, the rich history of Castro Marim is celebrated and commemorated every year.

The history of Castro Marim can also be found in the sights in the region.

Castro Marim

Sights Castro Marim

Igreja Matriz de Castro Marim is Castro Marim's main church and was built at the end of the 18th century.

The strategic location of Castro Marim in relation to the Spanish is also reflected in the sights.

Visit Forte de São Sebastião and Castelo de Castro Marim

Castro Marim Castle is a medieval hilltop castle overlooking Castro Marim and Forte de São Sebastião is a fortress that was originally a chapel. This was converted into a Fortress during the Restoration War with Spain. It made Castro Marim the most important defense city of the Algarve. The Fort is now closed for visitors and is only used during the annual medieval festivals.

Another beautiful building in the area is the Moinho do Vento. This white mill is well maintained and still in use. The mill still works according to the original techniques and was always used to grind grain.

Visit the Salt Flats; in the areas around Castro Marim a lot of salt is extracted from the many salt plains. Seen from afar, the salt flats look like mirrors shining in the sun, and the mountains of salt are like white pyramids. Here, Fleur de Sal is still extracted as a completely natural product. Book a tour at one of the salt flats. And don't forget to bring Flor de Sal with you to use at home afterwards.

Castro Marim Zoutvlakte

Enjoy the beach

The municipality of Castro Marim also has a small shared beach. For many, this region will be seen together with Vila Real de Santo António, especially for the beach.

Praia Verde borders both regions. Praia Verde beach is located on a flat and large expanse of sand, which extends beyond the eye, whether you look to the east or the west. The pine forest here runs directly into the beach, Praia Verde is the figurehead of tranquility

During a holiday to Castro Marim you can enjoy the many sights, surrounding nature, many beaches and delicious food. Book a holiday home in or near Castro Marim.

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Practical information Castro Marim

Current weather in Castro Marim

Temperature 12°
  • clear sky
  • 10 °C min
  • 12 °C max
  • 77% humidity
  • 327° wind direction
  • 4m/s wind speed
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