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Alcoutim is a town and municipality in the Algarve. The municipality has a total area of ​​577 km2 and only about 300 inhabitants. With only 8 inhabitants per km2, it is the region with the lowest population density in all of Portugal. This region is located at the outmost North-East of the Algarve against the Spanish border and north of Castro Marim.

The rich history of Alcoutim

The most important town in the region is Alcoutim, which shares the same name. The village has a rich history, formed by the war with the Spaniards. This of course has everything to do with the strategic location right on the Guadiana river. Opposite of the Spanish border is the Spanish village of Sanlúcare de Guadiana, nowadays there is a very friendly atmosphere back and forth. Several ferries go back and forth every day and a visit is highly recommended.

Copper and iron were mined in the region, which was transported to the rest of Europe via the Guadiana River. Later, Alcoutim played an important role in the defense of Portugal in the war with the Spanish. Despite its rich history, it seems as if time stood still here for hundreds of years.

Sights of Alcoutim

Although this region is less known, and therefore wonderfully quiet, there is plenty to do.

Castelo de Alcoutim

Left over from the rich history. It is a nice place to visit and learn more about the history of this region. From the castle you have a view of the Guadiana river and the fortress of the Spaniards and the town on the other side. You can walk all the way over the walls and have a beautiful view over the river. The castle also has a beautiful garden and a small museum with archaeological finds and the remains of a historic building. The ride to get there along the river is recommended.

Alcoutim Slide San Lucar

In addition, it is very worthwhile to make a tour on the Guadiana river. For example, cross the river to the Spanish side to visit Sanlúcare de Guadiana. For the daredevils, here is the first zip line where you can zip line from one country to another.

Alcoutim River beach

Enjoy the Beach

You wouldn't expect it in a region inland. But still a must see is the beach of Praia Fluvial. This beach may not be at the sea, but it is definitely worth it. Just before the town of Alcoutim you will find this man-made sandy beach on the river Guadiana. There is hardly any current at this spot in the river, so it is a safe beach, also an excellent place with children. It can get busy in the summer, because it is a popular spot among the locals.

During a holiday to Alcoutim you can enjoy the many sights, surrounding nature, many beaches and delicious food. Book a holiday home in or near Alcoutim

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Temperature 12°
  • clear sky
  • 8 °C min
  • 12 °C max
  • 85% humidity
  • 306° wind direction
  • 3m/s wind speed
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