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Marjolein Coenen
Marjolein Coenen

Ferragudo is an authtentic Portugese fishing village in the Algarve. It is a lively village, surrounded by Lagos, Portimaõ and Carvoeiro. The central location makes Ferrugado the perfect base to stay when discovering the Algarve.

The village of Ferragudo

Enjoy a nice stroll over de small cobblestone streets along the typical white houses. In the city centre you’ll find a picturesque church and a large variety in cafés and restaurants. Street artists will perform on the streets in summertime, which provides the perfect background for those long summer nights on one of the many terraces.

Fort São João do Arade

A sight worth visiting when staying in Ferragudo Is the Fort São João do Arade. First, there only was a watch tower, around 1520 de surrounding walls are built. The fort is rebuilt and strengtenth several times over the years. At the end of the 19th century the fort went up for auction and was sold to the highest bidder, writer Joaquim José Coelho de Carvalho. He turned the fort into a summerhouse, and lived there until he died in 1934. As the fort is privately owned, you can only look at it from the outside. Small ferry’s leave from Prai do Rocha, they will give you a nice view of the fort.

Fort São João do Arade

Farol da Ponta do Altar

The lighthouse of Ferraguda is called Farol da Ponta do Altar. It has an unusual design, with a square tower which is attached to the concierge's house. To be frank, it looks more like an old school than a lighthouse! Nowadays, a large concrete communication tower is built next to it, which makes the lighthouse look even smaller. The lighthouse originates from 1893 and is completely automated in 1992. You can visit the lighthouse on Wednesdays.

Underwater park Ocean Revival

Lovers of the underwater world can indulge themselves in the Ocean Revival underwater park. It is the largest artificial reef in the world, which lays about 3,5 km out of the coast. You can dive to 4 marine ships, which are specially sunk to the seabed. As the water is very calm, with mild temperatures, it is possible to dive here for a large part of the year.

Beaches of Ferragudo

For a relatively small village like Ferragudo, it has much to offer in relation to beaches. There are 5 beaches: Praia da Angrinha, Praia Grande, Praia do Pintadinho, Praia do Torrado and Praia dos Caneiros. Praia da Argrinha is the closest one to the city center. The water is relatively calm, because it borders the estuary. The largest beach is, of course, Praia Grande, which is located more close to the ocean. The other 3 beaches are next to the Atlantic Ocean.

A good idea for a nice walk during sunset is to walk up to the lighthouse. You can follow the path called Caminho dos Promontórios (Trail of Headlands). The path starts at Praia do Molhe and passes over a cliff. Over here you have a breath-taking view at the surrounding bay’s and the ocean.

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