• Mar 18, 2021
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Armação de Pêra: framed by golden limestone cliffs

Mariska Verpaalen
Mariska Verpaalen

Located in the Portuguese municipality of Silves. Armação de Pêra is located in the Algarve province about 15 kilometres west of Albufeira. The landscape is characterized by rock formations, caves and some beaches. A modern seaside resort with a wide range of facilities and attractions.

The sandy beach of Armação de Pêra is a beautiful, elongated sandy beach of about 6 kilometres long and is framed by the golden limestone cliffs. The historic town of Silves, the 11th-century capital of the Algarve, sits on one of the hills of this mountain range and offers views of the Arade River and is accessible by boat from nearby Portimão.

Sights of Armação de Pêra

Despite the devastating earthquake of 1755, there are still many interesting monuments that give colour to the history of this area. The battlements of the imposing castle offer great views of the surrounding landscape and several excavations have uncovered iron age remains that you can view in the archaeological museum. There are restaurants along the river. A great opportunity to see the Roman bridge and the renovated Fábrica do Inglês (Factory of the Englishman). This is an old cork factory that has been transformed into a fun and culture park. The cork museum was named the best industrial museum in Europe. Silves is also ideal for traditional crafts: paedated lace, braided baskets, miniature Algarve cottages and colourful patchwork rugs.

Discover also the interior with the colorful pomegranate trees, forests with orange trees, almond and fig trees. Between the whitewashed houses of the Algarve with the blue-rimmed windows. If you go further inland in the mountains of Serra de Monchique you will find the strawberry trees and the cork oaks. These offer protection to birds of prey, including sparrowhawks, falcons and eagles. The caves of Furnas are also among the many possibilities to visit.

Ribeira de Alcantarilha

The promenade, which runs along the beach, is equipped with several bars and restaurants for a delicious drink or snack. Picturesque fishing boats and cottages adorn the beach and mark the beginning of the wetlands at the mouth of the Ribeira de Alcantarilha. Many countless migratory birds can be found here. Cool off at sea? Then hire a small boat and explore the sheltered coves and caves scattered along the coastline, providing an excellent spot for snorkeling and diving. Other water sports options include windsurfing and fishing.

The streets and food of Armação de Pêra

A real holiday atmosphere prevails along the water. Walking through the narrow streets and the old part of the city, you will feel like you are in a nice part of Portugal. From various shops to local crafts including pottery, jewellery and embroidered linens. On Saturdays, be sure to go to the weekly market behind the post office. Here you will score the freshest dates, delicious fruits and colourful vegetables.

Typical local dishes such as grilled sardines, mackerel or the fishing stew are high on the menu. Also the sweet morgados or the lesmas (based on eggs) are worth tasting. To complete the whole thing with a 'medronho', the berry liqueur of the strawberry tree from the Algarve.

Enjoy your holiday in Armação de Pêra!

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